Initial draft of project report

The MaRDI-Gross project is funded by JISC to support big-science projects in developing suitable Data Management and Preservation (DMP) plans to manage the long-term curation of the data they generate.

This support will take the form of one (or possibly more) documents discussing best current practice in this area, with a mixture of general and specific advice aimed at letting a project’s data managers optimally adapt this practice to their own situations.  In addition, the document is intended to give advice to funders, explicitly or implicitly, on how they should criticise or negotiate projects’ high-level DMP plans.

We have released a draft of the project report, which can be found at

This is v0.1 (please use this URL when citing or forwarding the link, as this link will be updated to point to the most recent version of the report).

We are asking for comments of any length, on any aspect of this version, by 13 April – the week after easter.

There will be at least one subsequent draft release of the report this spring, and it will not be finalised until the end of the summer, after various existing projects’ collaboration meetings. We are also very open to comments on the nature and timing of this consultation process.